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HD schools encourages breaking the boundaries of disciplines, achieving cross-disciplinary integration, and helping students think about problems from diverse perspectives. In the comprehensive learning of science, HD schools adopted STEAM, and in the comprehensive learning of liberal arts, HD schools created CHASE project-based learning.


CHASE project-based learning is a combination of Chinese, Humanities, Art, Science, and Economics. Students will develop multi-disciplinary project-based learning around different topics.


Students in the HD middle schools, for example, have carried out project-based studies on the theme of "World Hotspot Research", and explored the theme using literature. "The Kite Runner" was chosen as a lens through which the content was interpreted from a humanistic perspective, and combined geographic and economic perspectives to study the overall situation and the development of local agriculture of Afghanistan, which was organized and presented in the form of artistic design.


CHASE project-based learning can enhance students' creativity, teamwork, leadership, practical skills, planning, and execution skills. This system allows students to learn how to actively explore real-world problems which they can meet head-on.