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  • 100%

    International teachers from all over the world who speak English as their mother tongue

  • 100%

    Core subject teachers have overseas study or work background

  • 100%

    Teachers in core subjects have a master's degree or above

The average teaching experience is 9 years
The ratio of Chinese and international teachers is : 1

Teacher Graduated school

  • Harvard University

    Harvard University

  • Stanford University

    Stanford University

  • University College London

    University College London

  • Beijing University

    Beijing University

  • Rhode Island School of Design

    Rhode Island School of Design

  • Hong Kong university

    Hong Kong university

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

    London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Nankai University

    Nankai University

  • University of Melbourne

    University of Melbourne

  • University of Southern California

    University of Southern California

  • National University of Singapore

    National University of Singapore

  • Ocean University of China

    Ocean University of China

  • Suxiang Li

    Suxiang Li

    Principal of Middle School
    Middle School Academic Director

    · Ms. Li, Suxiang is a secondary senior teacher, national famous principal, national excellence teacher, an expert who receives special subsidies from China State Council, award receiver of the 4th Mingyuan Education Forum, national innovative principal, national famous curriculum modification principal, national excellence principal, Shandong provincial special Math teacher, Huangdao District People’s Congress Representative.

    · Ms. Li, Suxiang is also knows as “the educator that grow up in the classroom”. She has hosted over 10 national curriculum studies, published 16 educational books and over 30 study papers.

    · Ms. Li, Suxiang used to lead the Qingdao Development District Experimental Middle School and obtained the first place in the High School Entrance Examination for 8 consecutive years. She has also served as the principal of YuCai Middle School since 2013, turn the school into a famous school in only 3 years.

  • James Cai

    James Cai

    Principal of Qingdao HD Secondary School

    · Served as a famous physics teacher in Hangzhou Foreign Language School

    · Many years of experience in international school principals

    · Excellent coach of American "Physics Bowl" academic competition

    · Train many students to enter Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities

  • James Glowacki

    James Glowacki

    Vice-Principal of Middle School


    · Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and History

    · Master of Arts Degree in Comparative / Master of Science Degree in

    · Educational Leadership / master's degree in the Art of Teaching

    · Doctoral Candidate in Literary Theory

      Professional Experience:

    · 14+years as Headmaster and President and 10 years as English, History, & Theology Teacher in St. Mary's Preparatory School

    · Executive Vice President/COO at an international educational company

    · 3 years as Foreign Headmaster/Deputy Principal in a Foreign Language School of China

  • Yanyan Ge

    Yanyan Ge

    Vice-Principal of Middle School

    · Qingdao Teaching Expert

    · Former Deputy Principal of Qingdao West Coast New District Experimental Middle School

    · Former Deputy Principal of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development District No. 4 Middle School

    · Qingdao West Coast New District Outstanding Youth Expert

    · First Prize in Provincial Opening Class and Quality Class