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It is of the utmost importance to HD Schools that we help grow and nurture students’ natural talent and innate characteristics. For students who have a passion for Fine Arts, HD has the best resources available to help these students reach their full potential.


Mr.Daniel, our Art & Design Coordinator graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, one of the top Art & Design Schools in the World and mentored under Master Chinese Architect, Wang Shu. He believes Art & Design is beyond just drawing and making but is inevitably ingrained into our everyday life: how we solve problems, our taste in music, in fashion and the way we present ourselves. In the process of learning Art & Design, every student will become their better selves in every way and in turn becoming better persons in Society and in life!


Grade 6 – 8 Art & Design


Practical ability is important but even more vital to the growth of an artist is the chance to test and try new things. The younger we are, the less we think about, and the less restrictions we feel around us. In this sense, students will be bold in exploring new styles of art, new materials and new mediums. Throughout years 6-8, the students will be following an adapted IGCSE testing curriculum which will be infused into activities to challenge students. These projects will first introduce students to a new technique or media, then allow them to practice and master it, and finally test it through a larger scale work of art. These sequential series of works will help the students’ progress and mature their understanding of basic techniques.


Besides hands on Art & Design projects, we will also be introducing students to artists and artworks throughout history, both past and present so one day, they will become the future.

All exercises begin to allow students to make their own choices in every step they take, influencing their creative mindset and preparing to hone their own artistic style.


Grade 9 – 12 Art & Design


Art & Design is all about discovery: understanding yourself and finding your own identity. Students should have had a chance already to work with different materials and medias. In this Curriculum, we will be exposing students to new ideas, allowing them to truly broaden their artistic taste and challenge their ability to adapt. We will be combining 2D and 3D styles, mixing dry and wet media, and blurring the boundaries of fiction and non-fiction. We will be using motifs, themes, history, culture and other backgrounds to approach our artworks and infuse personal feelings into them. Further than this, the students will learn how to progress their works of art from a simple sketch to a completed series. Every step of the way is something to be learned and not only the result but the process itself will help the students grow exponentially.