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  • Happy Spring!
    02 23/03
    Happy Spring!

    Last week, HD Middle School host the art festival called "Happy Spring". We would like to thank all the teachers and students of HD Middle School for their wonderful performance, and also thanks all the parents for coming.

  • HD Middle School Opening Ceremony!
    09 23/02
    HD Middle School Opening Ceremony!

    Last night, HD middle school host a opening ceremony at the theater. We are happy to see the smiling faces of all the students again, and thank you for the arrival of the parents' representatives. In the new semester, we believe everyone of you will work

  • HD PE Course
    30 22/09
    HD PE Course

    My name is Mr Taljaard and I have devoted over a decade of my life to training students in Sports, fitness, and Physical Education. Before joining the HD Qingdao team, I worked with various schools and sports clubs in the development of young student-athl

  • HDQD English Drama
    23 22/06
    HDQD English Drama

    Recently, the pupils in Grade 5 undertook the huge challenge of performing William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'.

  • HD Kindergarten Teacher Training
    12 21/11
    HD Kindergarten Teacher Training

    Recently, Sandra Lee, an expert in Montessori education, visited HD Qingdao and gave a comprehensive training to kindergarten teachers on the implementation of Montessori teaching.

  • Drama at HD Qingdao
    05 21/01
    Drama at HD Qingdao

    Still fresh in our memories are the Primary School's English Winter Production that ended not so long ago, along with the wonderful performances created by our Grade 3 students.

  • Earth Week
    12 20/10
    Earth Week

    Since Monday the 10th of February, the students at HD Qingdao have engaged in online learning.

  • Epidemic prevention drill
    08 20/09
    Epidemic prevention drill

    The arrival of spring brings with it the optimism that this epidemic is slowly coming under control.

  • Online Learning of Dance Class
    03 20/08
    Online Learning of Dance Class

    During the epidemic, because of online learning, the children of HD Qingdao still manage to have colourful and interesting days.

  • Special design picture book
    06 20/07
    Special design picture book

    The year of 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Due to the epidemic of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP), we are undergoing an unprecedented challenge.

  • HD Drama Class
    18 20/03
    HD Drama Class

    As our youngest and newest members of the Primary School, our grade 1 students were introduced to the concept of putting on a play.

  • HD DT Class
    15 20/03
    HD DT Class

    In Grades 1 and 2 this semester we have used a project based approach to teach Design Thinking.

  • The Pumpkin Festival
    10 20/01
    The Pumpkin Festival

    Do you fancy dressing up as you like and having a party with your friends? Recently, HD Qingdao is full of happy talking and laughter.

  • The Parent-Child Sports Day of Kindergarten
    08 20/01
    The Parent-Child Sports Day of Kindergarten

    Kangaroo hopping, sedan chair carrying, sandbag throwing ... Recently, the children of HDQD kindergarten spent a very happy family time with their parents in the parent-child sports day.

  • The Long-Distance Race of HD Qingdao Secondary School
    04 20/01
    The Long-Distance Race of HD Qingdao Secondary School

    Running 2KM in 15 minutes, this is the challenge faced by the children of HD Qingdao Secondary School in recent days. As a competition among the 4 Houses, every child is extraordinarily serious and hardworking.

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